The Shifting of the Seasons: Garden Journal for August 28th

There’s a shift in the air these days. As August draws to a close, everyone knows summer’s almost at an end. The temperatures have been getting cooler, especially at night, we’ve even had sweaters on some of the days. I do believe we’ll still get another heat wave before Autumn fully settles in, or at least […]


Signed Permaculture Book G*I*V*E*A*W*A*Y* !

I love permaculture and absolutely love pretty garden designs, throw them together and you have a spectacular and functional backyard. Michael Judd does an amazing job in his book ‘Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist’ at offering inspiring and beautiful projects that you can do at home. This book is super easy and fun to read with great step-by-step instructions […]


On Real Life Versus Blogging

This Summer the heat and humidity has definitely sucked my will to sit down and type. It’s been the hottest summer in years and thankfully we’ve had two days of rain. When you live in a cold climate sometimes the heat becomes too much. Dare I say I’ve even thought of snow a couple of […]


In the Garden: August 6th

There’s a whole lot of food production going on in this wonderful garden of ours. Daily large harvests of green beans and zucchini. Lots of kale. We harvested 5 cabbages this past week and have a large batch of sauerkraut on the go. I’ve got 10lbs of zucchini to make & freeze latkes with with […]


Magical Garden Days

Everything is so lush this time of the year as the garden really starts to fill in. I really wanted to make the garden a magical place this year, for both visual appeal and for the kids enjoyment. Flowers, pole bean tunnels, edible landscaping all helped make our food production garden prettier. Sometimes you have ideas that flow but […]


Wild Thimbleberry Season

It’s wild berry season! Thimbleberries are plentiful on both sides of the path and all the way up the mountain. The girls love them, in fact someone brought over some local raspberries the other day and they didn’t want to eat them!  Morning snack time has become foraging time, and what wonderful skills these girls are […]