Wild Thimbleberry Season

It’s wild berry season! Thimbleberries are plentiful on both sides of the path and all the way up the mountain. The girls love them, in fact someone brought over some local raspberries the other day and they didn’t want to eat them!  Morning snack time has become foraging time, and what wonderful skills these girls are […]


~ This Moment ~

Joining Soule Mama, a Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. * I couldn’t choose just one this week, the girls are just too cute in the garden! *


How to Plant Your Fall/Winter Garden

July is the perfect time to start getting your fall/winter garden crops in the ground for the gardeners that get frosts from September onwards. Our first fall frost has been as early as Sept 3rd and as ‘late’ as mid October. Like any gardening it can be a little bit of a gamble, but you’d be amazed […]


In the Garden: July 21st (& varieties we’re growing)

Oh what a wonderful summer we’ve had. It’s been super hot and humid, which I don’t like so much, but we’ve been going to the beach and park constantly. In fact, it’s become an enjoyable rhythm for us as we are blessed to live somewhere that IS a vacation spot. I love not having to […]


Creating Rainbow Summer Salads from Fresh Garden Veggies

Something fun begins once harvests get more frequent during the gardening season. Whether you’re growing your own vegetables or maybe buying them locally at your farmers market or receiving a weekly CSA box; you’re beginning a journey to eating in season. Eating in season has become an almost foreign concept in most first world countries. But […]


Garden Update: July 9th

6 am and I’m watering the garden, the kids were up early this morning. As I glance around I take little notes of the different garden beds. The pea trellis is falling over. Fava beans are getting plump. Baby beets have been harvested. I check the bean flowers for snap beans, soon but not yet. […]